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Jackpot 777 - 5 &6 INCH Canister Shells - NEW

Sale price $109.00 Regular price $300.00

21 different effects

Details: 3 different series effect:

6pcs 5inch and 1 pcs 6 inch in a small pack ,totally 21 pcs (3 small pack) with different effects in a pack

1. Gold ti willow with blue

2. Gold ti willow with chry

3. Gold ti willow with crackle

4. Gold t willow with green strobe

5. Gold ti willow with red plum

6. Gold ti willw

7. Mine and brocade crown with sea blue

8. Blue to green

9. Orange to green

10. Red green blue peony

11. Red peony

12. Red sky blue to white strobe

13. Sky blue to red green

14. mine and brocade crown with sea blue

15. Brocade crown and gold crown

16. Brocade crown to gold crown with purple crackle

17. Gold crown with white strobe

18. Purple green wave with white strobe

19. Red green wave with sky blue

20. Ti silver chry

21. mine and brocade crown with sea blue

max load premium 5 and 6”canister shells