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UFO Apocalypse 4 PACK: 500 GRAM CAKES

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This is Four - 500 Gram Cakes! Combo Assortment!  

A combo pack of 4 different 500 gram multi-shot cakes

Roswell Incident: Red coconut palm tail to red and blue peony with white strobe; silver coconut palm tail to silver sizzling willow to red strobe with blue pistil; blue tail to red strobe and blue peony with chrysanthemum.

Tracer Fire: Red coconut tail to orange, green and blue peony with red strobe; purple coconut palm tail to red and purple peony with white strobe; red coconut palm tail to crackle and delayed chrysanthemum; purple coconut palm tail to crackle and delayed chrysanthemum.

Breached: Crackling mine to crackles with delayed chrysanthemum.

Dimension 16: Blue peony with white strobe to red plum blossoms; purple and green strobe to plum blossoms; gold titanium willow to white plum blossoms; silver silk willow to red plum blossoms with blue peony.

# of Shots: 16 shots each (64 total shots)
Size: 18.75 x 19.5 x 10.25 (outer box)